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Astrofotografia for dummies

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(Italian, digital download, 382Mb PDF with HD Images)

How to photograph everything up there in the sky and how to do it starting with just an ordinary camera and a tripod, then eventually evolving towards more sophisticated equipment.
Through the images shared within these pages, the intent is to convey the incredible potential hidden within any amateur cameras we typically use when traveling to capture landscapes, sunsets and animals, without imagining that the same tool can literally bring us to travel into our galaxy and beyond.

The idea underlying this book is to showcase what results are achievable, provinding a guide just in case on potential purchases to develop your passion. Above all, to provide a path to quickly achieve some results fueling the motivation to push further.

The book is primarily aimed at all amateurs familiar with ordinary digital cameras: topics are treated at an introductory level, mostly in the form of guidelines, covering the fundamental things to know: what to photograph, what to use for, how to, and what to do after. In other words, the essential instructions to start looking at the night sky with different eyes and then possibly navigate the infinite sea of ​​more structured, technical, and scientific resources available elsewhere.
The ambition behind is to organize what has been my personal experience up to today, trying to turn my journey into a useful guide for others who may want to follow it, perhaps saving someone a bit of the time I wasted, some unnecessary detours, and a lot of traffic along the way.

If there's a reason why this book, perhaps, isn't useless, it's because I wish I had it when I first stepped into this extraordinary world.

[Italian edition, English hopefully ready in few months]