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Moon phases circular panel

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Moon phases circular panel
by Carlo Paschetto

Product Details

13 Moon phases taken from the latitude of approx. 45°N at UTC+1 (Central European Time), mounted on aluminium panel.

Original surface colors have been slightly boosted to highlight mineral composition of lunar rocks. The different colors are recognized to correspond to real differences in the chemical composition of the lunar surface. Blue tones correspond to area rich in ilmenite, which contains iron, titanium and oxygen, mainly titanium, while the orange and purple colors show regions relatively poor in titanium and iron.

The actual illumination of each phase at the time it was shot is:

  • Waxing Moon: 14%, 28%, 42%, 56%, 70%, 84%
  • Full Moon: 100%
  • Waning Moon: 84%, 70%, 56%, 42%, 28%, 14% 

    Style and Size

    The HD Metal Print is an especially low weight premium product, weather and water resistant. It's a two layer composite material, made by a high-quality print encapsulated in a special coating and an aluminium panel 1mm thick.
    Wall mount system can be included when choosing your option.

    The Ultra HD Print Under Acrylic Glass is made by a high quality print on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper mounted on an aluminium Dibond backing consisting of two layers of aluminium sandwiched around a polyethylene core.
    The photo is then covered with a light glossy acrylic glass 2mm thick, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations, which highlights the vivid colors and enhances the impression of depth.
    Wall mount system can be included when choosing your option.

    Shipping and Fulfillment

    All prints are made to order from our print lab in Germany.
    Please allow approximately 10-12 business days for item to be manufactured and shipped out. As soon as your print gets shipped out, you will receive a notification and tracking number. Due to pandemic-related carrier delays, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.